A locknut? Your sure?

We just hired a new person for the office. She’s handling paperwork,s invoicing and parts ordering. In a busy mechanics office, requests come on notes, scraps of paper and the occasional paper napkins and are sometimes difficult to read.

On a recent busy Wednesday morning, our new office staffer was going through the list of parts on her desk, getting ready to make some calls to get parts ready to go.

Not going to say much about mechanic’s handwriting other than it’s similar to doctor’s handwriting….

While reviewing the notes, Stacy got a quizzical look on her face and said to the mechanic Nick, ” I understand about this bolt, but I just have to ask….what’s a Cocknut?”. Nick stopped, looked at Stacy, the note and back at her. “No, that’s a LOCKNUT!”

“Geez, thanks for letting me know BEFORE I started calling around” she muttered.

It was all I could do to keep a straight face, AT ALL.

One four inch bolt and four, umm…, LOCKNUTs to GO!

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