Bang a Gong, Bong…whatever!

Okay, so now I’m out getting parts at a welding shop.

Let’s set the stage.  I’m a 41 year old corporate survivor, female, now working at a local Tacoma based forklift repair company that allows me to manage my life, my 3 children, husband and worklife. One of the benefits of the new job is that I’m out and about, and visit a variety of parts houses, welding shops and other locations.  This morning I’m at a welding shop.  No problem with that, the conversations are just a tad different than in the corporate world.

Since in previous lives, my recreation included cruising garden stores, gardening art stores and other crazy places I could find stuff for my yard, I was very aware of unique ways you could put some salvage materials to use.  One of these things was old gas tanks, (known as helium tanks to me, great for breathing the air and blowing up balloons). Much to my surprise they had tons of other uses, like oxygen for welding.

Oxygen Tank used for welding

Standard Oxygen Tank

While getting one of these tanks refilled with oxygen at my new job.  I mentioned to the counter person that I had seen these tanks cut off and made into some very cool garden bells.  Very Zen, with a great sound.

Garden Bell

Garden Bell

While loading this really heavy tank up into my truck.  The guy agreed with me and said yes, it would make a really cool Bong..

Hmm….not sure I said that.  But, okay,  I believe you.

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